About Us

About Opus Technologies

Opus Technologies is knowledge based IT Company in Surat, Gujarat. We at Opus Technologies provide services like Website Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click etc. We also provide Educational Solutions like Technical Training and Software Development tools via Training Lectures and Workshops. The company has started with a vision like commercial success along with providing training to emerging developers and students with minimal cost. Considering the same in mind, company also provides workshop to the Engineering Institutes with very good quality of training and affordable prices.

The formula behind Opus Technologies' success in this competitive world is its qualitative education with constructive thinking and positive steps in order to be more accommodative to the students who come with lot of expectations. It maintains Total Quality Management not compromising in any aspect right from the Faculty to the Infrastructure. Innovation is its inner strength to be in the race and to maintain a lead. More than a thousand students have been rolled out from this Institution fulfilling their aspiration in computer knowledge.

On the commercial side, The Company's current client database includes businesses throughout the India as well as some of other countries.

With our extensive design and marketing experience we will customize client website to suit the needs of targeted customers. We will look closely at how best to convey the essence of your business, the most appropriate layout of the site, ease of navigation, usage of and balance between graphics and text and even the quality and style of language and expression used.We ensure your sites marketability to the most important and appropriate search engines. Thus your site can have the opportunity to enjoy a far greater audience than many other sites!

Together we can provide you with a complete solution to your web needs. We offer a complete range of solutions for every type of project. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction, and our goal is to delight you.

To summarize, our basic company philosophy is to create the kind of website that most businesses want.... easy to find, stylish and appealing, quick loading, easy to navigate and easy to buy from.

We are also into developing DESKTOP APPLICATIONS and INTRANET APPLICATIONS for leading industries as well as government offices.

Even we have served L&T, Govt. Sales Tax office and for some of the colleges by developing desktop application for them. Till date the technologies that have been in our support are HTML5, Java Script,JQuery, ASP.Net, PHP and Multimedia (Flash ),VB,VB.Net, Android Application, so on...

The workshops conducted by us are very well organized. And all the workshops are conducted by experienced faculties and trainers, who have experience as a developer also and can teach students from ground zero level. So that students can learn all the aspect of topics as like industry.

Taking about the experience, we have conducted numerous workshops at different institutes on Android, PHP, Java, Web Designing, MatLab, etc. Some of the institutes where we have conducted workshop are,

  • Sarvajanik College on Engineering and Technology, Surat. (SCET)
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology and Research, Bardoli. (FETR)
  • Pacific School of Engineering, Surat.
  • A.Y. Dadabhai Technical Institute, Kosamba.

So ultimately this is what we are all about, At Opus Technologies, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. That is why we established the firm – to provide assistance to students, business clients and software related communities in which we work. And that is why we behave ethically and honestly in all our interactions – with our students, clients, partners and our employees.